InMoov Robot

The quickest way to control your InMoov

WinMoov provides a simple interface for Windows users to control their InMoov robot. WinMoov is perfect for hobbyists who want to experiment with all of InMoov's movements or want to record predefined actions to be repeated on the InMoov.


  • Support for InMoov Robot
  • Arduino Code Included
  • High Speed (~10ms) Control
  • Customizable Actuator Names & Pins
  • Active Control & Passive Control

WinMoov is free and open-source for everyone!


WinMoov helps beginners and hobbyists quickly control the InMoov humanoid robot without using advanced software. WinMoov is also fast in terms of systems control, down to 5 milliseconds in low-latency.


WinMoov is a dynamic UI that lets you add as many servos you need. That means you can rest assured that WinMoov can control your InMoov no matter how much you build!

No Coding Needed

Not a programmer? Not a problem! WinMoov covers all the programming for you so that little to no coding is required for you to interact with your robot.